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ISO System Maintenance – Internal Audit – Customer Auditing

Why people prefer our ISO Maintenance Activity?

  1. Our services are economical, as we provide such services on need base and our team goes once in a month or before surveillance audit to client place with competitive rate.
  2. Expertise man power and suggest latest tools as well as updates on global movement on ISO
  3. Highly experienced and qualified staff provide such services
  4. The history of more than 20 years success give confidence to clients for smooth certification with less problems
  5. Best resources available. A big tem of people and use of software make the life easy for our clients. Our team is highly focused and create vibrant work culture

ISO Maintenance activity

During implementation and auditing of many companies we had come across globally many clients are interested to outsourced ISO activities to external customers like us. Due to high turn over of employees as well as high labor cost the companies prefer to out source the entire ISo and system and auditing activities to us and we are providing total solution for their routine ISO certifying body audits as well as customer approval to us in our ISO maintenance activity. Under this category we are providing services as listed below.

  1. Customer audit or third party approval
  2.  Routine consultancy for successful  ISO surveillance/ Recertification audit
  3. Annual contract and monthly visit
  4. Carry out internal audits

1. Customer Audit or Third Party Approval

Now many multinational companies are doing factory approval for system and documentation before making annual contract of huge quantity with client. Because of our expertise in HSE and all types of systems for any kind of industry, clients are coming to us to fine tune their system and complete forms of customer as well as documentation nd implementation. We had helped so far to more than 50 companies for customer and third party approval for BASF,Clariant, Dr. Reddy, Glaxo, GSK, Pepsico, EIL, Nestle, Tata, Reliance, Hindustan Unilever, BHEL, L& T, BPCL, Tesco, Kemin, Intertek, Bureau veritas, China herbal etc. Our services in this category are as below.

  1. Fill up customer questionnaire
  2. Training and awareness on system
  3. Prepare supporting documents and documented system on Quality, HSE, Food safety etc to meet client requirements
  4. Implementation follow up for system
  5. Arrange system audit, management review and ensure all compliances
  6. Present in audit for successful completion

2. Routine consultancy

We are undertaking routine consultancy and our team is visiting our client before surveillance or certification audit and help on man-day basis. So company are getting benefits for not recruiting many staff members but our team support them and before their certifying body visit do follow up and mock up audits to make vibrant work culture. In such cases our team will do documentation, guide and complete system related records, arrange audit and management review meetings with improvement opportunity implementation and finally successful surveillance or recertification audit for related standard.

3. Annual Contract for total Maintenance consultancy

Our team member is visiting to client for regular follow up of ISO system audit, process audit and goal setting for once in a month. We are doing internal audits, ensure completion of all M.R. related records, necessary changes in the documents, and remain present in the certifying body audit and ensure successful completion

Our services in this category are as below.

  1. Identify improvement opportunity in monthly visit and make necessary changes in documents as well as make records
  2. Suggest changes in documentation to bring improvement and make dynamic system
  3. Arrange goal setting meeting and review results
  4. Carry out monthly internal audit
  5. Implementation follow up for system and identify weakness if any in system to make vibrant work culture
  6. Arrange system management review and ensure all compliances
  7. Present in audit of crtifying body

4. Internal Audit for any system

Now customers need to re-align and focus the talents and skills of their employees to stay ahead of competitors. But due to external forces priorities are changes faster at every level of an organization. In such environment to make work force committed for system our periodic audits are helpful to clients. to make effective system and reduce last moment patch work.

We can help maintain, and in many cases, improve the performance of your system in a very small amount of time (and money) helping you and your staff to stay focused on other priorities. Our team carries out internal auditing for clients.