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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301:2012 Standard for Business Continuity

ISO 22301 has been developed by ISO/TC 223, societal security. This technical committee develops standards for the protection of society from, and in response to, incidents, emergencies and disasters caused by intentional and unintentional human acts, natural hazards and technical failures. Its all-hazards perspective covers adaptive, proactive and reactive strategies in all phases before, during and after a disruptive incident. The area of societal security is multi-disciplinary and involves actors from both the public and private sectors.

The ISO 22301:2012 standard for business continuity management system in May 2012, it replaced British Standard BS25999-2 and set outs the requirements for a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). ISO22301 is based on the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ model as found in other management system standards.

The ISO 22301:2012 will ensure consistency with all future and revised management system standards and make integrated use easier with, for example, ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental) and ISO/IEC 27001 (information security).

Benefits of ISO 22301 System

ISO 22301 BCM standard is designed to ensure that a robust business continuity management system has been established and that internal staff members are fully aware of their role within the system, if an incident should occur. Following are the key benefits of ISO 22301 system:

  • Increase quality and efficiency: ISO 22301 system provides a framework which is based on ‘Plan, Do’ Check, ‘Act’ concept.
  • Competitive Advantages: Ensure client confidence in your organization by ISO 22301 certification which is an internationally acknowledged standard.
  • Improvements of Organizations: ISO 222301 business continuity management certification provides awareness of your entire organisation. This can helped you to gain new opportunities for improvement.
  • Backup for Disruptions: In a disruption or an international disaster, your organisation will have a backup with business continuity processes in place to ensure the continued smooth running of your business. If any such disruption happens, backup of BCM system will help you to get up and moving fast and efficiently in order to ensure minimum disruptions to the services you offer.
  • Cost Saving Certification: With reducing the cost of internal and external iso 22301 audits, and to improve financial performance and reduce business disruption insurance premiums, your organization will be able to reduce certification cost as compare to other standards.

ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301 certification by Roots Management, for Societal security-Business Continuity management systems will guide an organization on how to implements the best iso 22301 system in the organization, provides training for system awareness, create documentation for the ISO 22301:2012 certification. The ISO 22301 certificate is confirmed that organization robust business continuity management system which has been established and the internal staff members are fully aware of their role within the system, if an incident should occur. This certificate is governed under self certification and provide guidelines for assessment.

Steps for ISO 22301 Certification Consultancy

Roots Management Services provides ISO 22301 certification consultancy across the India; the steps for implementation of Business Continuity Management system as per bellow:

  • Micro level survey of the existing system
  • Conduct awareness program to understand ISO 22301 system (top + middle + bottom level).
  • Prepare the committees and policies related to business, continuity processes in the organization.
  • Form a task force for each level of committee.
  • Prepare documents of ISO 22301 certification.
  • Implementation & train all personnel in the use of procedures & formats.
  • Establish Business Continuity Management system models and implement it
  • Ensure the system through first internal audit.
  • Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
  • Complete the ISO 22301 self assessment
  • Take corrective actions on the non conformities issues if any